Alien and the Fatman Productions


The Starship Wonderland project will happen in six phases:

Phase1 – Produce a song single of Starship Wonderland.
Status – Available at MixCloud

Phase2 – Write a Starship Wonderland feature film screenplay.
Status –Rough Draft Completed

Phase3 – Produce a music video for the song Starship Wonderland.
Status – The music video script is complete.

Phase4 – Create a Starship Wonderland Comic book.
Status – Available here!

Phase5 – Record seven other songs to complete a Starship Wonderland concept album and release it.
Status – 3 other songs are currently in the works. This album should be ready for release in late 2014.

Phase6 – Expand this project into a rock opera musical.
Status – Still brainstorming this phase of the project but it should be off the chain.