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Starship Wonderland Festival 2011


The 2011 Starship Wonderland Festival was a great success. Our thanks goes out to everyone that contributed to the event's success.

Film Fest

  • "The Alien and the Fatman Show" by Alien and the Fatman Productions (43:00) An assortment of videos produced by Alien and the Fatman Productions.
  • "Paranormal Investigators" by Mark White—Allen Entertainment (1:30) This episode of “The Gist” is a spoof trailer inspired by the paranormal, ghost investigator TV programs.
  • "The Break Wind Talkers" by Mark White—Allen Entertainment (2:04) This episode of “The Gist” is a spoof movie trailer on the 2002 film 'The Windtalkers'.
  • "The Usual" by Chris Spisak (11:46) After meeting a mysterious stranger at his local watering hole, an alcoholic struggles to come to grips with the effects his disease is having on him and those around him.
  • "Volando" by David O’Brient Jr. (6:45) After Steve is rejected by his psychiatrist when he comes onto her, he is found dead at the bottom of a parking garage. The detective after questioning an eye witness and the psychiatrist is still unsure whether it was suicide or not.
  • 1st Place: "Hero House" by Darius Darque—Darque Vision Productions (09:45) Watch what happens when five Super Heroes with no super powers live under one roof.
  • "The Disappointed Sniper" by Vincent Privitera (24:25) For Carla, the boundaries between fantasy and reality sometimes fuse. Narcissistic rage that is hidden can sometimes explode.
  • 2nd Place: "Devour" by Rakesh Jacob—infoPimps and Moxy Rox Productions (7:15) A man awakes in a room full of blood-soaked bodies and discovers only one other person alive, a young woman who may hold the key to what happened. Can he piece together the fragments of his broken memories before they both get devoured?
  • "The Devil Makes Six—Directors Cut" by Jagged Lenz Pictures (6:30) Six years after making a deal with the Devil, five successful individuals find themselves at a poker table in Hell.

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America One

2010 Festival Outdoor Stage SetupThe outdoor stage at Bohemeo's prior to the start of the 2010 Starship Wonderland Talent Show.

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Talent Show

  • Alien and the Fatman perform ―Starship Wonderland
  • Brandon Paul Webb – Talent Show Contestant
    Brandon was a contestant in last year’s talent show and we were glad to have him back. He sings and plays guitar and he auditioned for American Idol in 2008. He is a poetry writer and a former radio DJ for 89.7 FM KACC the Gulf Coast Rocker.
  • 1st Place: Katie Dundas – Talent Show Contestant
    Katie is 16 years old and she sings and plays guitar. Katie is also a songwriter and she has her own music videos on YouTube.
  • Alien and the Fatman perform ―Dog Named Merlyn
  • 2nd Place: Diamantina - Talent Show Contestant
    Diamantina returned to the stage to entertain us with her classic disco diva sound. She was a contestant in last year’s talent show and has taken part in other talent shows around the Houston area.
  • The Braggart Family Side-Circus - Talent Show Contestant
    The Braggart Family Side Circus is a troupe of performers whose repertoire includes, but is not limited to, juggling, fire manipulation, acrobatics and other similar sideshow and circus feats.
  • Alien and the Fatman perform ―Mystery Meat
  • Hank T. Hunt – Feature Performer
    Hank T. Hunt is a Texas-born musician who claims both the cotton fields east of Lubbock, and the hills of Bandera, as his childhood homes. Remembering how it was a family-event to go to a dancehall and dance to the music of the bands, Hank hopes that new and old residents of Texas rediscover the importance of music in their lives.
  • Alien and the Fatman perform ―Poor Old Redneck
  • Robert Frith – Feature Performer
    Robert Frith was named singer-songwriter of the year for 2007 and 2008 by the Texas Music Awards. Robert’s blues style has been compared to many industry greats such as Stevie Ray Vaughn, Blues Traveler, Dave Matthews Band and Al Green to name a few. These comparisons in no way diminish the unique sound Robert brings to the stage.
  • Award Presentation for the Film Fest & Talent Show
  • Alien and the Fatman perform ―Frabjous Disco Day with special guest, Diamantina.