What is Alien and the Fatman all about?

Alien and the Fatman has been an evolution from humble beginnings: an amoeba like single hour alternative music program on a predominantly Christian AM radio station. Unfortunately the only audience feedback at the time was a very religious woman who wondered why this type of material was on her station.

Feeling the pressure of an unappreciative audience, the first step in the evolution began as the show turned to live performance. PeaceBomb was the first name of the local alternative hours live performance. Having played in several local bars in Houston, once again, an unappreciative force, a band already named Peacebomb, interrupted the evolution. This of course, forced another change in the ascent of Alien and the Fatman.

While searching for a new name, boredom prompted the production of a music video. Under creative forces beyond their control and a budget that matched their evolutionary status, only items found within the confines of their homes were available for props. Found within a three step radius were: a cape, an alien mask, a few plastic Hawaiian leis, and an old children’s fireman’s helmet. This natural coming together of distinctly different items motivated a new song named "A Dog Named Merlyn." At this moment, Alien and the Fatman was born out of a primordial haze.

This creation became wildly popular among fans of filk and spawned a larger vision of the project to include: alienandthefatman.com, Alien and the Fatman merchandise, the movies "Operation Bloody Station", "Hadisville Inn" and most recently "The Viewmaster". There were also music videos "Tribute to Jables" and "Watch That Fatman Dance" as well as "Country Courtin" and "The Fish Talks to Johnny and Martin", two Alien and the Fatman Production comedy sketches. Alien and the Fatman Productions is now working on "Starship Wonderland" and will begin shooting in 2011.


Hadisville Inn

Operation Bloody Station

John Johnson's Filmmaker Bio

John Johnson spent much of his childhood growing up in the woods of Cut-N-Shoot, Texas. He attended Conroe High School and was active in both band and drama. It was there much of his music and performance training began. What John didn’t know then was that his dreams of filmmaking would inevitably lead him out of the woods of Cut-N-Shoot and into the big city of Houston.

John enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston where he learned the ins and outs of the music and video business. He was recognized by the Art Institute for his achievements while he was a student there. In addition to making the honors list, he was featured on The Art Institute Talks for a music video he produced. The Art Institute Talks was a school run talk show that aired on Access Houston in the 90s. John also produced a radio show called The Local Alternative Hour that he later turned over to Art Institute students.

While attending the Art Institute, John acquired a position at a regional sports cable network that at the time was called HSE (Home Sports Entertainment). HSE became Prime Sports and Prime Sports became Fox Sports Net which is what it remains today. John has been a loyal employee since 1992, but his day job doesn’t keep him from pursuing his interest in filmmaking.

Long before John received his degree from the Art Institute of Houston, he was making videos. From shooting his friends zany antics, to making promo videos of musical performances, John was at home behind the camera.

John’s first film was “Operation Bloody Station” which was a fan film based on Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” television series. Not long after finishing his first film John produced “Hadisville Inn”. This film was born from the Iron Director competition at the 2007 ApolloCon Convention in Houston, Texas. John has now finished his third short film “The Viewmaster”.